Saturday, 17 December 2016

I, Me, Myself and My Twitter Bird

Ditching Facebook I Joined twitter 2 year ago. Now twitter is my favorite social networking site. Writing something in just 140 Character is a great skill. As said by CEO of twitter, It is a peoples news network.
Many things on Facebook are just cooked up stories & few people on FB never want someone to peak up their real mind that made my way to twitter world. Everything I have done on Facebook has became controversial. Many people disliked what I wrote & commented upon.
I still remember that day when I went to Internet to play online games. For many Facebook is the reason to use internet for the 1st time. For me it is a different story. The desire to explore the world and new ideas made me to travel with internet at every point of my life. It is Nimbuzz not Facebook which is my 1st social networking site. With Nimbuzz I made many friends around the world and on one fine day my phone got damaged and for many months I lived without mobile and forgot my Nimbuzz A/c details. After getting a new mobile I have started using Facebook and got into out of control Facebook A/c hacking saga and later on I made my debut on Twitter & discovered whole brand new world.
Twitter is all about never ending digestible information, Interesting articles, Breaking news, all new info to read everytime which makes the day less boring. Facebook is just filled with Junk photo ops, Stupid memes and after all irritating maths equations.
Two best people I follow are KRK aka Kamal R Khan & RGVzoom aka Ram Gopal Varma. Without stuff from these people twitter is incomplete. Nothing to say about our Tabloid Indian news channels handles. Everything from them is like 'Breaking the internet'.
Things to hate on twitter are Twitter bots & Trolls, they are the game spoilers. Tweets made by them are misleading. Hope Twitter will find out the way to kill them completely. Rest of things on Twitter are fine.
Twitter is Fun, Twitter is a part of my life journey Twitter is everything Follow me here on twitter